Jul 13, 2010

2,500 some Miles later

Whee! Time for pictures and videos, the trip has been long, exciting, and a bit harrowing. but overall it has been very enjoyable, so far the scenery has been amazing and the places we've experienced have been interesting...
Officially we have reached the state we planned to reach all along. Washington!!!! our main goal was Seattle but for now we are in Spokane which so far has been quaint and enjoyable, but more on that later..
I will start from the beginning of the trip
with our small traveling companion in tow we set out for 70 at first, this would get us to the PA Turnpike and then to 90 which we would take aaaaall the way out to the west coast!
we passed through PA and into Ohio with nothing really exciting along the way, some new scenery to see (i had never been as far out west as Ohio) but nothing special, pretty flat. lots of fields
and farms
we drove through the night through Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota and greeted the morning in South Dakota.

believe me, South Dakota had to be one of the most boring states we went through. nothing around for miles, way too many cows to count, and tons of billboards for WALL DRUG! but the scenery was AMAZING. there were so many rolling hills and cliffs. we passed by the Badlands briefly and saw quite a few awesome rock formations
South Dakota in a nutshell
our next stop was Wyoming. we came into Wyoming and were greeted by another round of amazing scenery. the scenery in Wyoming is stunning! amazing mountains, cliffs, gorges...we saw tons of rock formations that were astounding to look at, I tried to capture as many photos as I could...
deer! pronghorns I think...I tried to connect with them

 we drove on and on through Wyoming through some very small towns. finally, we happened upon this decently sized town by the name of Cody. unfortunately when we tried to find a hotel in the town, all the hotels were booked! the town was the site of a "world famous rodeo". it seemed intriguing but Chaz and I were both tired and hungry and so we decided to avoid potentially sketchy cheaper motels and just camp out. 
we found a campground along a route into Yellowstone, it was fairly nice but the prospect of being attacked by bears freaked me out a bit, I almost didn't sleep at all.

Yellowstone lake
the next morning we awoke and set out early to Yellowstone. we didn't get to see all of the park, but we saw quite a bit. an entire vacation could be spent in Yellowstone.

the rest of our trip through Montana and Idaho was filled with lots of mountains and winding roads and a few seedy gas stations.
every day has been eventful and fairly tiring, here in Spokane we found a hotel to stay at. Crazily enough, in Spokane there is a convention of some kind happening for the next few days so almost every hotel is booked as well! Ridiculous!! Chaz and I settled for one we could find that was reasonably priced.
stay tuned!


  1. this is great so far! i love the pictures. charlie looks like a sasquatch in the video you took with the snowball. keep it up, keep it up!

  2. I just finished watching Chaz's videos on YouTube before stumbling across your blog. Seeing the two different perspectives is really interesting, and reading your commentary helps to fill the gaps.

    It was fun to see your view from when Chaz threw that snowball - it shows just how off his aim was. Or perhaps he did not want to damage your (clearly superior) camera.

    Also, your furry little trip companion is adorable. Perhaps you guys should have taken Ralph; the fresh air may have mellowed him out a bit.

    As always: have fun, stay safe, and keep away from seedy motels.

  3. I loved the Bison. :) If you can't find a moose a Bison will be sufficient. :)
    I'm glad you two are having fun! :)

    Love, Lauren. :)