Jul 19, 2010


Our cold, windy evening at the campsite turned into an equally cold, early morning.
We left the campsite a little after dawn (yes. that early) and after scarfing some food we bolted it out of the area hoping to make quick time to California.

We drove only an hour through Oregon before we reached California and were greeted by mist and overcast skies. on route 101 in California we drove on through large forests with some redwood trees, we also passed by a lot of tourist traps-some we couldn't help but stop at.

after driving on 101 for a bit we came to a junction for route 1, the scenic, coastal route driving through California. we took it. at first the scenery was mainly forests. the road was made up of sharp turns and extremely steep inclines/declines-I was afraid my car wouldn't be able to take it.
We finally came out of the forests and onto the coastal highway where we were able to see the Pacific Ocean. traveling along route 1 provided us with some amazing views, cliff faces plunging into the sea  just feet away from the road with no guardrails. rocks jutted out from the ocean and the beaches were mostly rocky.

after almost running out of gas we came to a little shop with one gas pump-an old one at that-very old, very interesting. our little traveling companion almost succeeded in escaping from us on our stop, but we recovered him and were on our way again.

more amazing views and small towns and we were getting close to San Francisco, feeling that night was fast approaching we began our search for a campground. after an unsuccessful stop at a few campsites and one hostel around Point Reyes National Seashore we found a nice campground in Samuel P. Taylor State Park.

the campground was populated but still very nice, we met some very nice people. Dinner, sleep, and then heading into San Francisco tomorrow!!!!

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