Jul 26, 2010

Driving to Sequoia

Our journey through San Francisco ended early the next morning, we packed up quickly in the morning and headed out from the city
it was bittersweet, had there been more time (and more money) I would've loved to explore the city some more.

we drove out of the city without much difficulty, the weather hadn't cleared up much since yesterday-it was still a bit overcast and dreary which put a damper on the mood a bit-had it been a sunny day even with a few clouds I think I would have felt a bit more excited, it's funny how the weather can affect a trip. you expect the weather to be beautiful and clear to compliment a nice trip (a short one too). It was a bit sad to be in San Francisco (and most of California) on such overcast, chilly days-especially since the state seems to have the reputation of being sunny and beautiful all the time.

our goal for the day was to get to Sequoia National Park and set up camp

We headed out along some highway driving through southern California. the trip was surprisingly unexciting-we saw a few signs for Los Angeles but grimaced at the idea of going to such a city-not for us-at least not on this trip.

After for driving for 5 hours we finally turned on to the road for Sequoia National Park. the road turned out to be winding and very steep at some parts, the scenery was arid and not strangely not very green.

After paying the park fee at Sequoia we drove on the main winding road to a campsite for the night. our campsite was beautiful! very hot, lots of annoying bugs-but beautiful, especially because there was a gorgeous river below the campsite. The water was frigid yet it was very refreshing. There were rapids before our swimming spot and further down and a few people were fishing-the atmosphere was very relaxing.

tomorrow would be exploring more of Sequoia and then the drive to the Grand Canyon!

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