Jul 17, 2010

Hoh National Rainforest. Elk. Oregon!

heading out of our campsite we made our way to Hoh National Rainforest.
We arrived at the Rainforest and after spending a few moments in the visitors center contemplating various literature we made our way along a path throughout the rainforest.
informative literature
The path was full of vivid greenery, lots of moss, and a few streams. all around the scenery was a vibrant green and we took it all in as we walked along. A short overhang of moss took us along this path where we ran into something unexpected! Along the path ahead of us an elderly couple had stopped and were staring at something, we paused and crept up and the woman informed us that there was a large elk eating nearby. the husband of the woman was already trying to get close enough to take pictures so Chaz and I tip-toed up to see if we could get a better view.
At first the elk was hidden by leaves and shrubbery, you could make out the outline of its body, and some of the horns, and the sound of it chewing on leaves. after trying to take video and pictures I backed off a bit and a few more people came unsuspectingly down the path to catch a glimpse of the animal. At that time the elk started to move and started to make it's way toward the formed group of people, this was a tense moment-would it charge?
thankfully, no. the elk was calm and only wanted to eat, it meandered out onto the path so that if anyone at that moment had come down they would've come face to face with the elk.
It was an interesting experience to say the least, a sign at the visitors center had warned about Elk charging visitors recently, but there was no danger from this elk, he just wanted to munch on leaves.
just let me eat my damn shrubs!
After leaving the Hoh rainforest and traveling down 101 some more we came upon this beach called Ruby beach. it was similar to Rialto beach in the previous post with piles of driftwood and gigantic rocks jutting out of the Pacific Ocean. We explored the area a bit, walking along the driftwood piles, the sand, and even climbing a few rocks. The rocks were the habitat for all sorts of strange tide pool life.

we traveled back, coming across a cave...
it had to be done
and then it was back to 101 and toward Oregon.

traveling through some dismal coastal Washington towns along 101 we eventually stopped to steal wifi from a local library-Oregon only a few miles away.

we came into Oregon through a bridge into a town called Astoria, the town where the Goonies took place!! through the town we went on along the coastal 101 highway through some very nice scenery. Oregon has some very nice beaches and lookout points.

 evening was approaching fast, we needed to find a campground soon. after driving a long way toward a hopeful campsite only to be crushed upon realizing it was full we began a desperate search for other campsites.
time running out, sun setting, and nerves fraying (mine at least) we happened upon this tiny town along the ocean, after finding no campsites and being less than satisfied with the rates of a few hotels/motels we happened upon these quaint condos right on the sea. the price for one night was a bit more than what we would've liked but for the place we got and the view we got it seemed worth it, even reasonable.

some great views, simple dinner and our evening was set. more Oregon coastal highway tomorrow making our way to California.


  1. That is some truly fantastic scenery.

    It's good to see you survived the attack from the Cave Chaz. I heard overly-curious Amandas were among the Cave Chaz's favorite meals. Did you utilize one of the tactics from that book to escape?

  2. We have enjoyed all the posts and videos. The scenery looks amazing and beautiful! Can't believe you were so close to that elk and the shot from the cliff was quite dangerous. Watch out for that Cave monster, he looked quite fierce! Be safe and enjoy yourselves. Love you! Mom

  3. Erik, a funny excerpt from the book says-in regards to being attacked by grizzly bears: "if you feel you are being feasted on by the bear by all means fight back".
    I used this technique to subdue cave chaz once he started gnawing on my arm and it worked quite well heh heh heh