Jul 16, 2010

More on Yellowstone

Yellowstone was such an enjoyable experience, the best so far on this road trip, so I wanted to elaborate more on what we saw and did.
A bit more about Yellowstone:

we entered Yellowstone through one of the eastern entrances coming off of alt. Route 14 in Wyoming. The ride into the park provided some awesome scenery as seen before. We were on winding roads with trees and mountain ridges surrounding us. One area of the park had a forest of burnt trees, there was a great fire in the park in 1988 and I am assuming those trees we saw were still healing from that fire...

We  drove on taking photos along the way. We passed by hot springs and an area called the mud volcano. throughout the park there were many photo opportunities which we took advantage of. So did nearly everyone driving through the park. On one stretch of road we were driving along behind a caravan of cars and all of a sudden every car stopped! Cars were pulled over to the side of the road and people were taking photos of something...I hopped out of the car and tried to see what the fuss was about, waaaaay off in the distance, just a little white speck to my vision, was a wolf! Wolves were recently introduced to Yellowstone and the chances of seeing them are still rare.

 We came to the area near the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone and tried to find it (you had to take a road to a lookout point). It was a truly awesome sight to behold! We hiked down to the closest point near the waterfall flowing into the canyon, it was right next to the rushing water and falls. You could've fallen over and died a horrific death had it not been for the barriers. After the long hike back that left me breathless it was time to make our way out of the park.

certain dooooom
 almost falling into certain doom
We drove through some more winding roads up a mountain, the scenery was beautiful all around, the rolling hills, the cliffs, the mountains in the distance, it was all so much to take in-amazing.
All throughout the ride we happened upon a few buffalo, they meandered about not taking any notice of the humans snapping photos. I got very close to one. On another stretch of road we came to an abrupt stop again, but not because of buffalo. More people had stopped in the middle of the road, cars had pulled off, people were standing on top of their cars taking pictures. This time it wasn't a wolf but a bear that had caused all the excitement...but it ran off just as we pulled up to try and see it, probably scared...

Finally, we made our way without any major stops to the northern entrance of Yellowstone. We passed through Mammoth Hot Springs, a small, cozy tourist area with its own hotel and other lodgings. Passing through the area we saw some more gorgeous scenery and once we were out of the park we came directly into Montana! More driving through mountain ranges and we made it to Spokane!
now on to the next day...


  1. Wolves, huh? Very cool. Also, what type of camera do you have, Amanda? Those pictures look really crisp.

  2. the camera I have is called a Nikon D5000, it is very very nice.