Jul 16, 2010

Olympic National Park

This blog might seem a bit sporadic, I apologize for that. The areas we drive through along this roadtrip are very scenic and not very populated...when they are, sometimes we miss the chance or don't even think about stopping at a place that has Wifi...

This time our goal was to get to Olympic National Park, also in Washington. We started our trip from Mt. Rainier early in the morning and headed toward an alternate route to get to Olympic. On our way we  stopped at an area with many rocks and fallen trees and a gushing river. Chaz went a little crazy and forded the river over one of the many trees that had fallen over it to the other side...I was a bit worried, you would've died had you fallen into the river.

On the alternate route the scenery was very green but not too exciting-that will come later-we eventually came into  a small town.
quite an interesting town
My car had understandably taken a beating on the trip so it seemed necessary to stop and assess the damage-what would this roadtrip be without a few hitches? after fixing a small tire leak and getting an oil change the car was ready for more brutality. We  maneuvered our way onto scenic route 101, this would take us up around Olympic National Park and along Puget sound eventually coming around to the Pacific ocean.

Once again, the route was filled with some amazing landscapes, salt water air filled our noses and we passed through a few small towns with some kitschy shops. We passed through towns like Sequim, Port Angeles, and Fairholme.

In the town of Fairholme a little ways off there was a gorgeous, massive, blue lake to the side of the road called Lake Crescent. The water was pure blue, very clear, and very tempting...Chaz once again proved he loves the taste of danger and decided to (probably illegally) take a dip in the lake. Peering through the murky depths with the help of googles (we were perched on a fallen log jutting out) we saw a tangle of tree roots that went as far as we could see towards the bottom of the lake. An eery, creepy sight. Chaz jumped in, hoping to maybe explore just a smidge...but the shock of the cold and the unnerving creepiness of the tangled roots underwater stopped him...it was still an experience.

Driving more into Olympic National Park we came across some more towns and got the feeling we would need to find a campground soon. After a very disappointing venture into some “hot springs” (a glorified lodge/pool with smelly water from natural springs-maybe...) we came to an route that would take us out to a potential campsite and a beach!

The campsite was a no-go but the beach was unlike anything I had ever seen. Stacks, piles of driftwood littered the beach-which was made up of grey/black rocks-and the unrelenting waves of the Pacific Ocean pounded onto the rocks. Huge rocks jutted out a ways into the Pacific-the air was crisp and cool-we had to explore the driftwood piles a bit.

After Chaz tested his agility on the piles of driftwood we headed back to the car and headed toward a possible campground. On our way we had the misfortune of driving through Forks, WA...the infamous town where the Twilight series is set...it was more than sad and quite frightening.
so sad. so sad.

We found the campground a few miles down the road, set up camp, ate, and then rested for the next day: more Olympic National Park and driving down the coastal 101 highway into Oregon and hopefully California!


  1. You are a crazy man, Chaz. Crazy.

    It's also good to see you guys made it out of Forks without physical or mental injury - though I would have been more worried about the latter.

    Do people actually live in that town? Is a requirement of living there being a fan of Twilight? How much of their income is derived from Twilight tourism? Does the author of Twilight get a cut of the income? So many unanswered questions!



  3. i had no idea forks was a real place. people are insane about twilight everywhere - i can only imagine forks is about a gazillion times worse. great job with the posting and pictures, ling! KEEP UP THE BLOGS!