Jul 21, 2010

San Francisco!

Our journey this day brought us to the wonderful Californian city of San Francisco!
after waking up at our homey campsite outside of the city we packed up quickly and headed toward San Francisco. driving on route 1 and getting closer to the city limits was quite exciting, we were always looking ahead to see a glimpse of the Golden Gate Bridge or any sign of the San Francisco skyline.
We got back on route 101 to get into San Francisco and as soon after we saw our first glimpse of the Golden Gate Bridge
overcast as the weather was it was still exciting to drive over such a famous and controversial bridge. we were officially in San Francisco!

driving through the city was quite the experience, you never really know how hilly San Francisco is until you see how the city is planned out. After driving for a bit and seeing some interesting areas we found our way to Fisherman's Wharf.

finding a hotel in San Francisco turned out to be easier and less stressful than I thought, it may just have been luck but Chaz and I found a decent hotel at a very cheap price, it wasn't the best but by no means was it a bad hotel.

after finding the hotel we traversed the city until we found a place to eat
I'mma eat'choo
our fishwiches were delicious and we had a bit of an audience! it was a bit unnerving, that seagull was so bold, he had no fear-had I turned my eyes away from the food or got up for just a second he would've snatched it away. the seagull was perfectly still and perfectly intent on our food-so much so that some people passing by took notice-a few elderly asian men actually stopped and snapped a few close-up photos of the bird.

after lunch it was time for exploring! we decided to walk to Chinatown-a good distance away from our hotel but still a very enjoyable walk!

Chinatown was-hard to put in words-like an out-of-country experience (to be blunt). There are obviously places in America where one does not need to speak a word of English at all and Chinatown was one of those prime places. I had never witnessed a cultural place of that scale before (it is considered the largest Chinatown outside of Asia-according to the website)

whole streets brimming with signs, shops, advertisments-all written in some Chinese dialect. the shops were the most intriguing-everything from touristy gift shops, authentic Chinese goods gift shops, markets, pet stores, clothing stores...it was a real thriving community.

major culture shock happened for a bit, especially walking past the markets and having to squeeze past throngs of locals trying to buy food.

After our Chinatown experience we grabbed some tasty milkshakes from Burger Meister and headed back to the hotel for a quick rest-then off to Fisherman's Wharf, Pier 39, and dinner!

Fisherman's Wharf was a nice walk, interesting shops littered the streets, street performers tried to entertain tourists, pigeons scurried about-the languages too! so many people walked by speaking so many different languages-I love it when I get to experience that.

we explored the shops of Pier 39 and also took the chance to get a good view of Alcatraz off in the distance. the day was mostly overcast but we still had some nice views.

the sea lions (not seals) on the Wharf were silly-a funny site-they looked pretty lethargic too

our dinner was at a place called Neptune's Palace-it was very very nice, where we were sat had a nice view of Alcatraz and the bay, Chaz saw a few fins in the water as well! maybe sharks or dolphins-the waters around Alcatraz were notorious for being dangerous and inescapable by

We traversed the dark city streets back to our hotel and settled in for the night-it had been a very tiring day. maybe tomorrow would bring about more exploring in San Francisco, still undecided. our next stop is Sequoia National Park to see the redwoods! until then...

-Holy slow hotel internet connection, Batman!!!- I have a video of us crossing over the Golden Gate Bridge... unfortunately BOTH times staying in hotels the internet connections have been slow-at best.
I'll post it when there is a decent connection...somewhere...

PPS-All throughout this Californian adventure-specifically and only through California- my head has been filled with California-themed songs. all. the. time.
anything ranging from the Full House theme song (ahaha...gaaaaaaaaaaah!) to...
San Franciscan Nights by the Animals
Californication by RHCP
Under the Bridge
the O.C. theme song - Phantom Planet
even California Love by 2Pac and yes, even the annoying California Gurls by Katy Perry...
my question to you readers...any of you out there in the blogosphere...what other California-themed songs are there? what have I missed? out of all the 50 states California definitely takes the cake for having the most songs written about it.


  1. Just a couple more Cali songs off the top of my head: Follow the Sun Down by Dark New Day, which I always felt would be an excellent song to drive out west to; and California Rain by Silvertide, which is a little bit harder rock as compared to RHCP.

  2. If you want some oldie Cali songs:

    California Dreamin' by The Mamas & the Papas;
    San Francisco (Be Sure to Wear Flowers in Your Hair) by Scott McKenzie;
    Hotel California by the Eagles