Jul 31, 2010

Sequoia. Bears. Driving. Arizona.

After some breakfast and a morning swim we left our campsite and drove through more winding, narrow, cliff-plummeting roads in Sequoia National Park

some road construction stopped our progress to the point that we had to wait an hour before moving again-it wasn't so bad though.

we drove along through forests of redwoods and sequoia trees although honestly I couldn't tell the difference. finally we came to a sign for the "largest tree in the world" the General Sherman tree-we had to stop!

a small hike along a path lead us to the tree, it was massive-as promised. very very wide and very very tall-the biggest tree I had ever seen!

we gazed at nature's wonder for a few moments and then began hiking back up-although not for long...

a group of hikers had clustered around a part of the fence along the path-they were looking far out in the distance close to the General Sherman tree we had just hiked from. supposedly a bear was shuffling about around the area we had just left!

we hurried back to the area and quickly located the bear, having wanted to see one all week we weren't going to miss the chance.

the bear we saw was a smaller black bear, not a grizzly, but still formidable. the bear was minding it's own business, ignoring the crowd of people on the other side of the path fence staring at it. the only thing this bear wanted to do was rip at tree bark to look for some grubs to eat.
I caught some video, hoping maybe the bear would get a little closer-probably not the safest of ideas but so far the bear didn't seem like causing any trouble.

looking at the bear-even though smaller in size-you could see the massive power in that body. ripping at the bark on the fallen trees-imagine the bark being your arm or leg...although apathetic he was still a bit scary.

after the bear encounter we decided to drive a bit more through Sequoia and then it was time to leave the park and make our way toward Arizona.
the drive to Arizona wasn't started off bland, but then we started driving through the desert and the fact that we were driving through the desert along with the mountains we saw along the road turned it into an interesting experience-we even tried to outrun a train!

after 10 hours we arrived in Flagstaff, AZ tired and hungry but ready for the Grand Canyon the next day!

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