Jul 19, 2010

Traveling down the Oregon coast towards California

After our comfortable night in Neskowin, OR it was time to pack up and head out.
we traveled through many towns along 101, most were right along the beach. chaz kept a lookout for Mo's, a small restaurant/hole-in-the-wall with world famous clam chowder.

unfortunately we found out that Mo's had become a larger chain of restaurants and no longer had the hole-in-the-wall feel to it.

we kept traveling along the way, stopping at a few scenic viewpoints-one being Devil's Churn. Devil's Churn is a small inlet along the Oregon coast where the waves bash up against jagged rocks in an incredible display of power. it was very gusty when we explored the area and Chaz displayed his bravery by getting very close to the churn, I was less brave, it was still an amazing display of the power nature has over us feeble humans.

we came into a town called Coos Bay and stopped at one of the first restaurants we saw, our stomachs were aching for lunch. the place had decently good food and a nice feel to it, it was a nice place to sit for a bit. supposedly not-as-good clam chowder as Mo's of course.
 more, more, more driving-with a quick stop to look at some roadside art and kick-knacks-and we came to our campsite for the night

we were very lucky to find the campsite as almost all the rest of the campsites we called or drove by along the Oregon coast were completely full. Our campsite was near the beach so a short walk off provided some good views of the coast. It was extremely windy and a bit nippy at the site-we settled down for a very cold and windy night and went to bed early expecting to get up at the crack of dawn to start our drive to California tomorrow!

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